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Edison Rex 12 is available now on Comixology

Has Edison Rex finally managed to convince everyone that he’s a hero now, and not the villain he used to be? And will a new generation of heroes accept him as one of their own?

Story by Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver
Written by Chris Roberson
Drawn by Dennis Culver
Colored by Stephen Downer
Lettered by John J Hill

This issue is a big deal for Chris and me. Along with Amelia Cole also out today we’re the first Monkeybrain books to hit the 12th issue. Not only is it an important milestone for us but it wraps up what will be the second print collection of the book which will be available in the spring from IDW.

Chris and I have put a lot of work into the overall Edison Rex story and if you’ve been reading the issues as they come out I invite you to take the time to reread all 12 issues (including the Rexfiles!) together. Each issue a satisfying read that can stand on it’s own but when linked together starts to create a much larger picture. We’ve planted a lot of seeds that are starting to bear more and more fruit as the book continues. My favorite comics are ones that reward me for rereading them all together and it’s our hope you’ll find that with our book.

Finally, if you’re enjoying our book then please help us spread the word about it. Our goal is to get Rex into the hands of everyone that would enjoy it. If you know someone that isn’t happy with the current state of the super hero genre then give them our book. We’re offering a kind of story that is not being told right now by the Big Two. We’re really proud of the work.

Thanks so much for supporting our book! 

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