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I’m a guest at the Big Wow Comicfest this weekend in San Jose.

I’ll be located at booth 411J. Look for my banner shown above.

I’ll have both volumes 1 and 2 of Edison Rex for sale as well as most of the prints seen at my Big Cartel Shop.

I still have the Wire and Deanfinity posters in stock but I won’t be bringing them to the show as it’s too difficult to display them. However if you want to order one in advance of the show. I’ll be happy to bring it out to you in a poster tube so you can easily carry it around.

I’ll be taking on a limited number of commissions at this show.

5x7 single character bust limited background for $30

9x12 single character limited background for $60

If you want to preorder a commission or reserve a poster you can contact me here: dculver at gmail dot com.

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